Buzzard (butteobuteo, škanjac in Croatian) is a common bird flying over the Plesivica Hills, villages and fields in vicinity of the HB DCC.  No wonder that the name became an inspiration, as the HB DCC premises are only minutes away from Jastrebarsko, a township named after local people (jastrebari) who centuries ago used to train yet another bird, hawk (jastreb, in Croatian) to hunt. The inspiration came instantly – buzzard is renowned for high altitude magnificent floating at high altitudes, gaining broad areal overview of the developments on the ground and sharply plummeting towards the target. Is there a better way one can conceive in order to describe gaining a quick insight into the specific current issues in international relations!? Plus, there is a „Buzz“in the name of the bird!

Overcoming local, partisan, or any other particular limitation, the HBuzzard Panel, moderated by HB himself, will provide a competent, broad and relevant insight into the current issues and challenges in international developments. Broadening perspectives, overlooking issues from a higher altitude, and setting them in a broader context, will help participants and guest to gain and provide clarity and better understanding.