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Diplomacy meets Business

HB DCC provides also a platform for meetings between diplomats and business people – in contemporary world, diplomacy is an important driver of economy and private business, either through political openings or advisory role in forecasting international trends of importance for business decision making. In this context, the HB DCC periodically offers an opportunity for useful, yet relaxed and friendly meetings of representative of two influential communities, combining information sharing and debates with friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Diplomacy meets Delicacies

In many intriguing ways, diplomacy is very much linked to gastronomy. Over the diplomatic dinners and lunches, wars were settled or started; food has been a cause of a number of international tensions and military conflicts. Since ancient courts to contemporary hasty diplomatic encounters, delicacies have their role – and HB DCC wants to follow the suit. After all, HB is the author of book „Diplomacy at the Table“, an interesting study of the role of food and cuisine in human history, which also includes an interesting collection of memories on dozens of official dinners accompanied with the original recipes.

But more important, HB DCC is located in the heart of a region blessed with a rich gastro offers, where a number of restaurants or small wineries serve interesting, tasty traditional food. Thus, a combination of a topical Saturday mid-day panel for diplomats, businessmen and journalist followed by the lunch at one of the Plesivica Hills restaurants offers an opportunity to join both work and pleasure.