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Your Host: Hido Biščević

Your Host: Hido Biščević

Hido Biscevic, well recognized and esteemed Croatian diplomat, author and former journalist. Having completed his mandate as the EU Ambassador to Tajikistan, after his long and challenging career, HB returned to Croatia and focused on the establishment of the facility that would enable appropriate form of continuation of diplomatic activities and sharing of his wide and rich experiences and knowledge by bringing together experts and interested individuals in a secluded and relaxing atmosphere of Diplomatic Country Club.

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Buzzard (butteo buteo, škanjac in Croatian) is a common bird flying over the Plesivica Hills, villages and fields in vicinity of the HB DCC.  No wonder that the name became an inspiration, as the HB DCC premises are only minutes away from Jastrebarsko, a township named after local people (jastrebari) who centuries ago used to train yet another bird, hawk (jastreb, in Croatian) to hunt. The inspiration came instantly – buzzard is renowened for his magnificent floating at high altitudes, gaining broad areal overview of the developments on the ground and sharply plummeting towards the target. Is there a better way one can conceive in order to describe gaining a quick insight into the specific current issues in international relations!? Plus, there is a „Buzz“ in the name of the bird! 

Overcoming local, partisan, or any other particular limitation, the HBuzzard Panel, moderated by HB himself, will provide a competent, broad and relevant insight into the current issues and challenges in international developments. Broadening perspectives, overlooking issues from a higher altitude, and setting them in a broader context, will help participants and guest to gain and provide clarity and better understanding.

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Building on expertise and experience of renowned diplomats, academians and media personalities, this segment of the HB DCC offers courses, discussion panels, lectures and various workshops for the young diplomats, students, journalists and those who are, while shaping their future careers, interested in the international relations and international politics as such. The progammes are prepared for the specific groups, including a weekend courses (in cooperation with a neighbouring Kolaric Vineyard Pansion lodging). Programmes also include cooperation with a number of foreign diplomatic academies and similar institutions.

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Proper briefing is the essence of diplomcy – it provides factualities, but it also reflects the respect for the institutional mode of designing and implementing foreign policy. Briefings are not the last minute reading for high ranking officials or their plane literature – at least, this is what they should not be. Briefings are essential, professional, unbiased overviews of the topic at hand, of sideffects and implications, of hidden undercurrent flows. In today’s world, proper briefigns are loosing ground to SMS or other „tweety sources” of information. 

The age of twitter also bypasses institutional mode of cooperation, promotes an impromptu and false policy approach, enhances unpredictability and in many cases also stirs political division. Restoration of briefing as an essential starting point for effective diplomacy and full understanding of international relations is the aim of this segment of the HB DCC, as readers are provided with the most important facts and background informations on curent topics.



As the saying goes, once a journalist, allways a journalist…and it goes for diplomats too. The combination can provide interesting reading. Diplomacy and literature, as so many esteemed authors and diplomats confirmed over the times, indeed go together: diplomacy provides political or social context, literature brings in impresions and explanations. In his notes and reflections collected during the service at different posts in different  parts of the world, HB aims to paint the human landscape behind the political  narratives. Perhaps inevitably, the notes from his travel backpack are blended with reflections on his home country. 

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