Proper briefing is the essence of diplomacy – it provides factualities, but it also reflects the respect for the institutional mode of designing and implementing foreign policy. Briefings are not the last minute reading for high ranking officials or their plane literature – at least, this is what they should not be.

Briefings are essential, professional, unbiased overviews of the topic at hand, of side-effects and implications, of hidden undercurrent flows. In today’s world, proper briefings are loosing ground to SMS or other „tweety sources” of information. The age of „tweeting“ also bypasses institutional mode of cooperation, promotes an impromptu and false policy approach, enhances unpredictability and in many cases also stirs political division. Restoration of briefing as an essential starting point for effective diplomacy and full understanding of international relations is the aim of this segment of the HB DCC, as readers are provided with the most important facts and background informations on current topics.